Hi everyone, nice to meet you!

Our awesome group consists of:

Katelyn Newton (kateacc3004, which is also her class twitter account)

Bianca Dohnt (username unknown right now, and her class twitter is Acc3004Fan1)

Amanda Yew (username also unknown, class twitter at AYACC3004)

Our presentation will be in Week 7 and the topic is Facebook! We haven’t really decided what we’re going to say about it all yet, so we will let you know closer to week 7!

For the first tutorial of ACC3004, we went over the history and prehistory of Social Networks.

Interestingly, it was Finland and Japan whose people paved the way for how we text these days by being among the first countries with the ability to handle texts, pictures and voice. Historians have compared the Social Networks of today with the groups that tribes naturally formed in the Paleolithic era, while also comparing particularly the Hadza people.

Thank you for reading this!